Bakgrunn: In collaboration with psychologists, dentists at the Oral Health Centre of Expertise in Eastern Norway (OHCEEN) have treated patients with dental anxiety and dental phobia. OHCEEN has limited information on how patients’ dental anxiety, dental attendance, oral health, and quality of life are developing after ending their treatment at OHCEEN. It is therefore a desire that a PhD student take a closer look at this patient group, following them through OHCEEN treatment and up to one year after fulfillment of this treatment. Because avoidance of dental treatment has considerable impact on both oral and general health (Schuller et al., 2003), timely management of dental phobia is central to improving dental attendance and quality of life, which is very important and directly linked to public health.

Prosjekteier: TkØ

Prosjekttype: PhD-prosjekt

Prosjektperiode: 2020-2025

Phd kandidat: Vibeke Kranstad


  • Anne Elisabeth Munster-Halvari (TkØ, UiO)
  • Geoferry Williams (University of Rochester)
  • Vibeke Ansteinsson (TkØ)
  • Halgeir Halvari (University of South Eastern Norway)
  • Tiril Willumsen (UiO)